Sunday, 23 May 2010

The purpose of this blog

It was interesting to take part in a WiZiQ session today as part of the course. Karin was sharing her experience of blogging.
These are the points that I brought from this session...

Most first blogging attempts fail, mostly as a conversation does not get started, there are at least 25 Blogs on ELT and WEB 2.0 etc already and may not be room for any more, and we should really be reading, and replying to others so as not to be reinventing the wheel...

Taking each in turn then - I hope my wee blog here will help me with my main purpose. I will keep it open until the end of July 2010. As there are a lot of blogs on this area already I am glad that I am building my blogging skills on a subject that is well covered. And finally - I have a lot of reading to do!

So to kick things off I have just one question...

What is the biggest challenge in using blogs, or other social media in your teaching?


  1. Dear John,

    Some years ago I always used different Web 2.0 tools as an after class activity. Most schools in Argentina do not have a computer in the classroom and I taught many years with technology without a computer in the classroom.

    My biggest challenge was to create an online space totally different from our traditional classroom and to keep the conversation rolling. Therefore I had to include a lot of games and interactive activities.

    Nowadays with a computer in the classroom it is much easier to motivate students as you are there to show them what they have to do.


  2. Hi John
    I think the biggest challenge began when I was given the task of finding a blog which illustrated what I thought I would want to do with mine. It was so totally frustrating that I was near to scrapping the whole idea of blogs. It took hours of surfing. I remember asking my tutor, who replied, "I personally think blogs are highly over-rated."

    Luckily it was also a motivator to find out why in the world blogging should be so great. It was well worth my time in the end, and you could certainly profit from it - we made a list of blogs to look through for the course!